About - Dub Zeller

Growing up in a family of 6, nicknames were a common occurrence. Throw in the fact he shared a first name with his father and grandfather and you'd find an environment prime for mistaken identity. He's gone by many different nicknames in his 29 years, but Dub is the one that sticks the most.

Dub picked up an actual camera for the first time in 2016 and hasn't looked back. Creative by nature, he's fused together a budding passion for photography and a longstanding love for the outdoors. A man of many interests, he keeps himself busy with exercise, sports, tech, and compiling playlists for a future road trip or three. He flaunts a style consisting of complementary Pacific Northwest colors and otherworldly, adventurous edits. Oregon is home.

He strives to inspire you to venture outside and step into your own magical world.